Wattafak? Justice League

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I watched the movie Justice League, a super-hero movie in the DC universe. Can the movie keep up with Marvel movies?

Marvel has a lot of success in the last years with their super-hero movies, especially the Avenger-series. DC one the other hand felt behind. There were many DC movies with Batman, Superman and co, but they weren't nearly as successful as the Marvel movies.

This isn't just because they tend to have a darker atmosphere, as can be seen with the direct Avengers competitor Justice League. I watched this movie last week on Netflix.

To be hones, I haven't watched the complete Batman vs Superman movies. It felt to slow and to dark. Justice League does this a little better and adds a small amount of humor. In the end, there are just two remarkable funny scenes, but they break the ice a bit.

But let's get to the main problem: there is no suspense. A new villain appears who want to destroy the Earth. Not really creative, especially as there seems to be no cause why he destroyed planets and now tries to destroy Earth. A villain, who is a villain because he is a villain? It's a way to do it, but the worst one.

And the Justice League? Batman founded it because Superman is dead. The Justice League should replace Superman and protect the Earth. And then they fail with the first villain. The solution? Reawaken Superman. The other DC heros seem to be useless besides Superman.

Flash is slower then Superman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman are weaker and Batman... he is rich. This is also visible in the final encounter, that was exciting without Superman. I got the impression, that the Justic League is able to win. And then they got stomped. Usually the best moment for the heros to evolve and get back. Usually...

Instead Superman arrives and destroys the villain without any problems. The while excitement gone. No setback, no problems. Additionally the villain is able to escape at the end, what feels unnecessary. The destruction of his axe too. The axe was never shown as a special weapon, but Superman has to freeze it and Wonder Woman has to destroy it. This is physically wrong and of no use. May they wanted to give the other at least some impact.

My conclusion: 🦄🦄
A good movie when you like to rage about a movie. May it would've been thrilling without Superman.

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