Vaccation is coming

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Since January, I've had exactly one day off, at the beginning of January. Okay, in April I had one more weekday off because I worked six days the week before. So it's time for vacation. With a little negotiation, I still have 20 of my current 31 days of remaining vacation in a row - that's four weeks.

I'm thrilled to have four weeks off in a row. Just switch off and don't think so quickly about returning to work. In addition, the Corona situation relaxes a bit. So I can get away.

My employer does require that you call in advance before returning from abroad, but since we want to go to southern Italy and not a high-risk area, that won't be a problem.

So we pack our camping stuff in the car and the roof box, make a quick stop at our families and then leave early in the morning. The drive will be long, probably 12-14 hours.

We are very spontaneous on the road. Meaning: we pick out the rough area, drive there and then see what we like. You can always find a campsite and so far we have usually had a good hand. You can also just pack up and move on if you don't like it.

We plan to go to another place every now and then and pitch our tents there (okay, the one). We will probably buy another throw tent this year and take it with us. In four weeks, you do change places every now and then.

Even if I write it again - in this time there will also be NO blogposts. I do have internet, but I probably won't take the notebook with me.

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