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The last weeks and months I had a lot of stress at work. I didn't realize how much until my hearing was gone in my right ear. Hearing loss.

You could always read it between the lines: I've had a bunch of stress at work the last few months. Okay, for over a year now.

But something seems to be moving and my stress could decrease. Probably thanks to project but not yet to a comfortable level, but just away from absolute overload.

And what happens when you see some light on the horizon? Life has other plans. A few days after the good news, I should actually be a bit more relaxed. Instead, I woke up yesterday at the start of the week and was completely exhausted. At first I thought it was because of the busy weekend, since I was at a wedding reception on Saturday.

But then I noticed it at work: The right ear buzzes like stupid when I have the headphones on or someone in my immediate vicinity speaks. In addition, however, I hear everything with the ear only very muffled. Man as I am, I did the only right thing: wait and see. To the chagrin of my girlfriend, who again imagined the worst, she feared a hearing loss.

New day, Tuesday. After 10 seconds I had the headphones only on the left ear. The buzzing was unbearable and confusing - well, actually confusing in the sense of losing concentration. After my explanation, some colleagues were as concerned as my friend. The advice: go to an ear, nose and throat specialist, it might be a hearing loss. And as soon as possible. Crap, she was right again.

Half a workday canceled and on to the merry search for an ENT doctor. Who breaks off their workday right during the doctors' lunch break? Me. But well, now a headache came anyway. Fix home and a pain pill thrown in.

Then I drove to the nearest ENT doctor with a passable rating and described my concerns. I was offered an appointment on Thursday. Such a hearing loss should not be treated as quickly as possible. To be on the safe side, I accepted and went back to the car. One web search later, the next doctor's office rang. There I would have gotten an appointment two hours earlier, but also on Thursday.

Next doctor in the next town. Okay, multiple doctors. "Oh, we really should look into that. But we don't have any appointments available in the next few days," I was told. Before I could say anything a "Hold on.". I guess another patient had canceled just before, and I was given an appointment in an hour.

And guess what? Not only did I get an appointment for in an hour, I only had to wait five minutes on site for a doctor to attend to me. Quick and attentive. Quick look at the ears - everything looks good. So to the waiting room and wait for the hearing test. This time 15 minutes - also still fully within the framework. One hearing test later, the doctor explained to me: slight hearing loss in the right ear, I can no longer hear low pitches, but all pitches above that seem fine. That's why it feels strange when I hear low pitches.

Awesome. The most common cause of a hearing loss is stress, I probably stressed myself out too much. Which also went on immediately. I am now to get three cortisone infusions in the next few days. The chances of recovery are quite good with a small hearing loss and such a quick reaction. Of course, the health insurance does not pay for that. Have you tried getting cortisone and an infusion set after 18:00? If you are supposed to be back at the doctor's office at 08:00 the next morning, so he can push it into you? A pharmacy can order it with delivery 08:00 o'clock - I'm just 20 minutes later at the doctor.

And I have to rethink my lifestyle now. Healthier life: more sports (or at least once), less smoking (or better not at all) and of course reduce stress. The last two things are kind of mutually exclusive at the moment. It's going to be exciting. But at some point you just realize you're not 16 anymore. I hope that the ear will get better again. It's not pleasant in the long run.

Stay fluffy!

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