The death of „quotation marks“

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Spelling suffers because of the Internet. I don't think anyone who looks at chats on WhatsApp, Twitch and the like doubts that. Even at work, I notice the trend toward less spelling in e-mails - whether it's capitalization or correcting spelling mistakes. And yes, I have my problems too, especially with comma placement.

But what I've noticed recently is the elimination of typografic German quotation marks. In school I still learned that the quotation mark at the beginning is at the bottom and the one at the end is at the top. As in the title.

But the normal computer keyboard does not offer these characters at all. A keyboard with numeric keypad can help here, at least in Windows. With ALT + 0132 for " and ALT + 0147 for ".

I am writing this blogpost on a notebook without numeric keypad. So I may search the characters on the Internet and copy them here.

There it wounds little that one uses at the end nevertheless simply the actually wrong quotation marks on the key SHIFT + 2.
That's why many quotes on the internet look "like this", although this is wrong.

Which quotation marks do you use? If possible, I use the German quotation marks again, even if this is not very comfortable. Have you noticed their extinction?

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