New World - eine Achterbahn der Gefühle

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I have a habit of always being late to an MMO. Either that, or I don't have the right hardware. Or the time. With New World* I wanted to do it differently. From the beginning and also pull through.

Conveniently, my clan The Hive was also hot for New World*. It was decided in advance for a server and a faction. The faction was not my first choice, but it doesn't matter. Then I just join the religious alliance. And then came the release and the debacle took its course.

Sure, queues were predictable and New World* is neither a very positive nor a very negative example. But waiting in line for several hours in the early days and weeks soured motivation. While I was working my clan mates were in the game, when I got home I was in the queue.

Since I also had to deal with Christmas business and a larger project at work, I left New World behind for the time being. In the new year I wanted to look in again. Basically I had fun.

It was not directly the new year, rather March. I logged in and was confused at first. New server thanks to merging them, plus my company was disbanded. The Hive troop had probably fallen out, lost motivation and scattered to the winds. In addition, the game was not in good condition, Amazon* was working diligently but still a long way from good. Further away than Lost Ark*, the new hope on the MMO market.

To Lost Ark I had already written a post, but briefly: the game could not pull me into its spell and I deleted it relatively quickly again from the hard drive. All alone in New World didn't motivate me either and I put the game aside for now. Time was still short and an MMO was too much of a good thing.

Until I decided to install Linux on my PC. Suddenly I realized that New World runs mostly without problems on Linux. That's why I downloaded the game again in September and played it whenever I had time. Still alone. I liked the combat system and the world. The plan: when the project is live at work, I'll get right back into it.

And again, Amazon* spooked me. By the end of September, the project was live, my job quit, and I had more time to gamble. But I was stuck somewhere at level 48 and had no idea about the game. The last months AGS had made many changes and improvements to the game. And directly announced Fresh Start servers for early November.

Fresh Start Server, everyone starts from scratch. Sounds great and like an opportunity to get new into the game. But my motivation in October was gone, why invest a lot of time on an old server when I'm starting fresh anyway? Well, in the end I still played to level 60 and tried the different weapons. Ranged combat doesn't feel good to me. The musket yes, but bows and magic weapons are not my thing. The new greatsword is fun and I have since combined it with the blunderbuss.

Since last week I am now on the Fresh Start server Jupiter. I was able to motivate some more members of my clan The Hive and we are now comfortably playing Aeternum again. For anyone interested in the game, all I can say is check it out, it's fun and worth the money. And if you are looking for a company in the Marauders, The Hive is always looking for new players!

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