Masterpiece: Ace of Spades

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The weapon Ace of Spades in the game Destiny 2 belonged to Cayde-6. I like the weapon, but it's not a perfect one.

Why should I just publish big posts? As said, I just dump my thoughts here. Today I write about my favorite game, Destiny 2, and a weapon in this game, the Ace of Spades.

Somehow I like this weapon. It's not a weak one and especially in PvE the ability Firefly is really handy. In PvP the perk Momentum Mori, bonus damage when reloading after a kill, is helpful.

With Shadowkeep they introduced a masterpiece version of this weapon and I started farming for it. It wasn't a hard ride, but what is the benefit of this masterpiece version?

It generates orbs when doing multikills. Really nice in PvE, unusable in PvP. Additionally the Firefly explosion is buffed by 50%. One question I haven't answered for myself: Are firefly kills counting as multikills?

Slowly I have to decied between Vigilance Wing, Ace of Spades or Sweet Business. Hard decision.

Stay fluffy!

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