Everything more beautiful with Linter

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I stumbled across Markdown years ago and am always happy to see it supported, like Obsidian. But that doesn't mean I use Markdown nicely. This is where the Linter plugin comes in handy.

Simple but sloppy

Markdown has been my faithful companion for a few years now, and I'm glad that it's now supported almost everywhere, at least in the basics. The biggest advantage for me is that I can easily format text as I write. I don't have to press any keyboard shortcuts or click a button. One or more diamonds in front of a line, and you have a heading. Enclosing one or more words with an asterisk makes it italic, with two asterisks it becomes thick. And so on.

I write mindlessly, simply in front of me. And then the formatting suffers. Sometimes there is a blank line after the headline, sometimes not. The numbering gets mixed up and so on.

The solution: Linter

Don't ask me why the plugin is called Linter. At least it's a plugin for Obsidian, my current note-taking program of choice. In the plugin's settings, you can specify what exactly should be customized. Always a blank line after headings, before headings, after bulleted lists for example. It can automatically insert the file name as H1 heading. Or the numbering of enumerations can be put in the right order. So it irons out the grossest sloppiness.

The plugin can apply its rules manually to a file, manually to all files or automatically when saving a file. However, since it breaks the formatting of my Pelican blogposts - the metadata is the problem here - I apply Linter manually. Just open the command prompt with STRG + P, type Linter and ENTER . Or CTRL + ALT + L for lazy people.

After that the Markdown document looks even in itself. And matches the other notes. I just like it uniform. From there: If you use Obsidian, then definitely also try Linter.

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