Destiny 2 - Erweiterung verkleinert das Spiel

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This week, Bungie gave a glimpse into the future of Destiny 2. In addition to a livestream on Twitch, articles were also published on the company's own blog. Bungie has decided that there will be no third Destiny spin-off for the time being. Instead, they have announced expansions for the next three years. And the Content Vault.

At first I thought it was a good idea of Bungie to focus on the current part of Destiny instead of working on a new part. Of course, a new part costs resources, which are not available in the current series opener.

Then I stumbled across the Content Vault. Bungie states that Destiny 2 has grown too large to be meaningfully maintained anymore. I'll actually take Bungie's word for that. I suspect Destiny 2 was never designed for so much content and such a long lifespan. The underpinnings in the end yet a shooter, not an MMO.

Still, I think it's wrong to introduce a system that serves to remove previous content from the game. With the moon Europa comes a new area in the Beyond Light expansion and the Cosmodrome from the first part comes back. Sound good?

In exchange, the planets Mars, Mercury, Io and Titan, as well as the Leviathan Raid will be removed from the game. Two areas are coming and four are going - from 9 make 7. Even worse, Io and Titan are important parts of the main campaign, on Mars played the first DLC and on Mercury the second. So in the Free2Play part of Destiny 2, there will be no more story. The Red War, Warmind and Curse of Osiris campaigns will be removed with the planets.

As I've said many times before, I'm not a hardcore gamer. So content that I haven't played yet is disappearing. Others I like very much. According to Bungie, the content may come back sometimes, depending on the situation, with luck - at least temporarily.

I understand that Bungie is in a quandary. Destiny 2 is not suited to be infinitely expanded. But to create a new base with Destiny 3 would take several years and cost a lot of resources. During this time, they would have to neglect Destiny 2 and bring less content. This, of course, reduces player numbers and revenue. Revenue that would be needed to finance the third part.

Nevertheless, Destiny 2 is completely dead for me with this. I think the story is great, the gameplay is fun, but with the Season Model and the Content Vault I miss out on too much content and feel pressured.

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