Democraty lives from discussions

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As soon as elections come around again, people often talk about a majority for one party. Be it a sole majority for a single party or in a coalition. The common opinion seems to be that more than one coalition partner is a disadvantage.

That may be a disadvantage for the governing parties, but in my opinion not one for the citizens. A democracy thrives on diversity and debate.

Even though it always sounds like it in the Covid-19 pandemic, the current path is probably not without alternatives. It may be the right one from a purely virological point of view, or even not yet stringent enough. But I miss the holistic view of the measures.

Artists, restaurateurs, event organizers, store owners and so on. These are currently falling into a deep hole. On the other hand, many industrial companies continue to work as if there were no pandemic. Masks are compulsory, tests are offered, and that's it. Home office? Not even possible for most workers. Should they assemble the Audi at home? Or pack the Amazon order at home?

But the governments are surprisingly united. The RKI gives its opinion and decisions are made on this basis. No parliament, no discussion, no weighing. Only the experts who fit their own opinion are heard. Where are the sociologists, economists, psychologists, ...? The pandemic is probably a purely virological problem, and so are all the measures being considered.

That is why I think that it is not a bad thing if a government has to fight for its majority. If it has to put its plans up for discussion. This ensures that issues are looked at from different (social) angles. It makes for more transparency. And it automatically creates better control.

How many laws and regulations, including Corona measures, have been stopped by courts in recent years? But our population seems to prefer polarization, especially in the pandemic. A judge stops a measure? Then he is labeled as a contrarian. But that also happens in private circles.

I wish that people in this country would once again see different opinions for what they are: A different perspective on the same subject, a broadening of the basis for discussion and a more holistic view. Not everyone is necessarily right, but everyone has the right to express his or her opinion.

That is a fundamental characteristic of democracy.

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