Windows 11 - My impressions

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After my notebook came out of the repair (see: Price and Quality) I of course cleaned it up first (TronScript is a great tip here!) and brought it up to date.

In the process, a hint caught my eye: Windows 11 is available for installation on my device. As a person with IT knowledge, of course I immediately thought of all the bugs and problems I read about. And clicked directly on "Install".

But I have to say, my Acer Swift 1* is not critical for my everyday life. However, it's not exactly a high-end device either. Still, the notebook apparently offers a TPM 2.0 chip, which almost surprises me. Especially considering that the notebook shipped with Windows 10 Home* and therefore doesn't offer Bitlocker.

After some waiting time, I mean it was about 10 minutes with the download, the new Windows 11 greeted me. The login page is slightly different, but rather subtle. After logging in, the new system then became clearly visible. The Windows logo in the middle, time and date two lines and the taskbar thicker. Not my case, so directly the start menu back to the left.

The taskbar can be reduced via an entry in RegEdit, but then the date and time no longer fit on it. I took the opportunity to hide the taskbar. I wanted to get used to it for ages anyway.

The new start menu? Who's going to look at that. It could be even smaller for all I care, I press the Windows key, type 3-4 letters and press ENTER. So the menu is visible for three seconds at best. I don't care how it looks or what it offers. But it looks tidier when you look at it.

And otherwise? Window arrangement - awesome. I now have Windows 11 on my gaming PC as well, and on the 21:9 monitor I love the new layout options. New design? I like it, but it's a matter of taste. Control panel, or rather the settings? Again rebuilt, again get used to. But I quickly found everything.

Except for a performance problem with file operations on my gaming PC, Windows 11 runs flawlessly. The performance problems are fixed and were due to my old HDD, it seems to be slowly dying. It has also caused problems under Windows 10*.

I don't regret the update so far, the additional window layout options are worth it for me, most of the other changes I don't care about or have little impact on my usage.

Do you already have Windows 11 on your PC? What is your impression?

Stay fluffy!

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