What went wrong with Anthem?

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I was really looking forward to Anthem and was all the more disappointed when EA and Bioware bungled the game. But what actually went wrong with the game?

I'm always a bit wary of EA. Still, and thanks to the name BioWare, I was curious about Anthem. Flying like Ironman, interesting setting, great graphics. Sounds like the perfect lootshooter.

And then came the release. Both me and the other players were not very happy about the state of the game. For the great Lootshooter hope with many years of development time from EA/BioWare, the result was simply disappointing.

The story is not really the main part of a Lootshooter. But it creates the world and lets you immerse yourself in it. Anthem's story is well thought out, but poorly done. It almost doesn't explain the world at all. After the main missions, you're not really any smarter about what kind of world you're in. The missions themselves are hardly interesting either.

Or they could be. But the load and run times were forever, even on an SSD. Out of the city into the world, do 10-15 minutes of mission and back again. It felt like you were in loading sequences longer than playing.

The story is then quickly completed. After that there are still raids. Or at least something like that. They go surprisingly fast.

In the meantime: The story is not really exciting and very short, the game world is hardly explained.

But that's not so important in a loot shooter. It's all about the loot. And here I was totally disappointed. There are several types of weapons, the usual ones like nowadays. Shotgun, SMG, pistols, ... Unfortunately, nothing creative. Some weapons seem useless to this (shotgun). In addition, the weapons differed only by the bonuses, otherwise they look virtually identical both in the game and as icons. You can hardly tell if the loot is better now. This is not motivating, there is no feeling of reward.

The best thing about the game? The suits. The skills are varied and can be customized. Again, you can loot better skills - which are identical and only get better in stats. The movement is so awesome. It's absolutely satisfying to hop around with your suit, sprint and most importantly - fly.

The movement is probably the reason why I spent over 100 hours in the game. Without there really being any content. Well, without the loading times it would certainly be far fewer hours.

In summary, the game is unfortunately hardly motivating, because simply the content is missing and the technology is not really good. Too many loading times for too little content. The loot is hardly motivating, as it is generic and lacks variety.

Maybe it will still be something. Bioware and EA don't want to give up on the game yet. Whether a 30-man team can still save the game? I am skeptical, but I would be happy.

What do you think of Anthem?

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