The edge painter

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I really enjoy watching the Gamesünden videos from Gameomat. In these, games are taken apart in a very humorous way, be it from the story or from the mechanics.

But beware: The videos are a complete spoiler of the games and should only be watched after playing or playing games that you do not want to play.

The bad thing about the videos, though, is that after watching several episodes, you look at games completely differently. Suddenly you realize how illogical the storyline is in most games. You miraculously survive, NPCs simply "teleport" to the end of a difficult passage - or why didn't we take their easy way?

But some of the mechanics are also very amusing. First, the edge painter. Have you noticed that in the games most of the edges you can interact with are painted in one color? Sure, that way the player doesn't have to search for long.
But games also like to show every item that you can interact with. The Witcher view in The Witcher is Thermal Vision (is that what it's called?) in Tomb Raider.

Games become more accessible, get stretched out, and the story sometimes gets in the way of itself, probably just happens with a long game with verscheiden authors.

I fully recommend Gameomat's videos. They are very funny and you learn a lot about game mechanics and game design.

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