The drawback of G-Suite

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Many, many years ago, the Google Suite was available free of charge for private users. Configure the domain correctly and you could create up to five users with your own domain and use the Google services. It sounded great back then, but nowadays I think it was a big mistake.

I don't find any of Google's services bad, on the contrary. YouTube is a good video platform, Gmail is still one of the best email providers for me, Android is the only alternative to iOS.

But at some point Google decided that the free G Suite was dumb. They got rid of it, only existing customers got to keep the service. So I did, too. But as a G-Suite user, you also have certain advantages when it comes to privacy. Google has given itself relatively few rights in the terms of service, at least compared to the end user offering.

But I get the feeling that Google wants to get rid of legacy services by now. More and more services are simply not available to G Suite users. Google Stadia? Missing. YouTube Premium Family? Nop.

The latter is extremely annoying, because now either my girlfriend would have to pay the full amount again, or I regulate this via a second Google account for me. Including the jumping back and forth.

The last alternative: I handle emails via my own server again. Then I just have to teach my dad how to do that. And tell him he needs a new account for his smartphone. Oh yeah, purchased apps can't be transferred.

If Google wants to get rid of me, they should at least make it easy for me.

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