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New screen, old problem. You sit in front of the even bigger screen in the evening and at some point you have to cough or sneeze. The mud sticks to the screen. Quickly wiped with a cloth, stains or streaks still remain.

With the old screens, I then used a damp cloth for cleaning, with rather moderate success and long-term consequences for the surface.

The new screen should not share this fate. No micro scratches, no streaks. So I went to my trusted dealer and found all kinds of products, including those from well-known manufacturers.

Zeiss - sounds good. Known for high quality camera lenses. But actually they seem to make everything that has to do with optics. Also screen cleaning cloths. My interest was aroused, so clicked directly. But the reviews do not speak for Zeiss quality. Streaks do not go away, in the worst case they are only smeared and the picture is therefore more milky.

Next result: ROGGE Screen Cleaner Spray in 5-pack*. Reviews extremely positive. But spend 20 € for 5 spray bottles? For this, the reviews also advise a special lint-free cloth that leaves no scratches.

Of course ROGGE also has something in the assortment here: ROGGE Duo-Clean Original DoppelSet + 2X ROGGE Prof. Microfiber cloths 38x40cm*.

Also not exactly cheap at 16,90 € - but in my household there is also more than one screen. Bought and delivered one day later. As usual by DHL to the packing station in the REWE around the corner.

Today I tried the spray and the cloth - unfortunately without taking comparison pictures. It was also about time, the last few days I worked from home and the stains are extremely disturbing in sunlight or dark pictures.

Cloth folded to hand size and wet one side with 4-5x spraying from the bottle. Then first in gentle circular motions over the screen, then in strips to push the dust to the side. In the next step wiped everything with the dry side.

Result: spots gone, no streaks, no scratches. I'm sitting in front of a perfect screen again! I can recommend the set ROGGE Duo-Clean Original DoubleSet + 2X ROGGE Prof. Microfiber Cloths 38x40cm* so far without hesitation.

Oh yes, also with my TV and notebook the result is super, no stripes, no streaks, no stains, no gray haze.

Rating: 🦄🦄🦄🦄 (out of five)

Stay fluffy!

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