Rainbow Road, train is dead

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My flat is near a train station, because I searched for this. My plan was to use the train to travel to work. But the prices are holding me back.

In the Mario Kart games the longest track always is the Rainbow Road. Without surprise I like this track optically, but it is really long.

Two years ago I searched for a flat where I have decent internet speed and can get to work by train without any problems. With the internet I'm happy until this day. And I could walk to the next train station within five minutes.

But the Deutsche Bahn is confusing me. A monthly pass costs 174 €. For this money I can fill my Diesel tank nearly three times. Pessimistic calculated I can drive about 2.500 km with this. The distance to my workplace is 32 km one-way, so 64 km a day. Round about 20 days per month (four weeks with five workingdays each). In total 1.280 km. For the cost of a monthly pass I can drive additionally 1.200 km in private.

The monthly pass is then just covering the way to work. Other places where I would drive to aren't on this route. For them, I still need a car, I still pay ancillary costs. And I'm less flexible then with the car. The trains is driving once an hour. If a meeting is five minutes to long, I have to wait another 55 minutes. Do I have to go shopping I have to walk additionaly. My route with the car is going to the supermarket and I can buy larger quantities.

Yes, I like to protect our environment. Yes, I would preferre the train over the car. But as long as it is more expensive, always late and I'm less flexible, this isn't attractive. Local transportation has to get cheaper. I already pay more rent because of the train station nearby. I won't pay more for the train then for the fuel. I hate driving daily nowadays. One hour every day...

Stay fluffy!

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