About me

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What should somebody write about himself, who opens a blog under his nickname? How I'm thinking you most likely already figured out while reading my blogposts. And also much more about me and my private live, then I initially planned to publish.

But here are some basic information about me to allow you to get a better picture of me:
In the net I'm called eXeler0n, in real live my name is Nicolas. I was born in 1988 and I'm in a relationship. Sorry for all the other beautiful ladies out there. This won't change I hope!

The money for my living and to found this blog I earn as Teamlead Operations Control and as Product Owner at a eCommerce company, more pecisely at the logistics of the company. I always have a lot to do, especially around easter and christmas. But most of the time I have fun while working. For this job I studied economics with focus on locistics. So no "I don't know what to do." economics education!

My hobbies are visible here on the blog. Something of everything and nothing really great. But gaming is a big hobby of mine. Besides this I'll write a lot about technic and IT. Sometimes there will also be posts about politics and society.

Confusing I realize myself. But that's me. Have fun with my thoughs. Stay fluffy!

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