Notifications in web

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Meanwhile I am only annoyed when I come to a new website. The first thing that pops up is a cookie notice that covers at least 1/3 of the web page. Sure, it's about privacy, but then at least it makes it easier to refuse.

But even more annoying: the website wants to send you notifications. Do you want to allow this?

Hell no, I don't. Why would I want a notification from every site when something happens there? New message on Twitter - plop. New breaking news on the news site - plop. New forum post - plop.

Okay, you can use that if you want to. But I don't want to be asked for it by a website on the first visit. A small hint that you can activate it yourself, ok.

But a popup, which is superimposed directly on the content, just to achieve more "interaction"? That doesn't work at all. Who gets the idea that users will find something like that great? For me, this is a kind of digital highway robbery. You hope that people will click on it.

And they do, unfortunately. I've had to disable notifications for some acquaintances because they didn't know where they were coming from and were annoyed.

There are simple ways: Visiting the page manually, RSS feeds or a follow on Twitter. But that wouldn't be annoying enough.

I have completely disabled notifications in my browser and avoid intrusive websites. Who needs that shit?

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