My definition of Pay2Win

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Many games can now be played for free. These are then financed via an in-game store. At best, cosmetic things are offered there. But if the things in the store have an influence on the game, then Pay2Win is quickly called.

I, too, would like to see the stores filled only with cosmetic items. On the other hand, I largely don't care about these very things. In League of Legends, I invested five euros for a skin. That was it.

The discussion

Whereby, not quite right. In Albion Online (Werbelink) there was a skin package for the premium subscription. But I just took it with me. Alone I would not have bought it. Exactly with this game the discussion about Pay2Win came up again. In my guild there was a disagreement whether Albion with its premium package is a Pay2Win game or not. First of all: For me it is not Pay2Win, but hard on the border.

My definition of Pay2Win

Paying with real money to have an advantage over the other players that helps you win. That is the sober description of Pay2Win. But what is the advantage that helps you win? If I advance faster in a game? No, then I save time, but I am not better. If I earn the game currency faster? Even then I only save time.

If I can buy something with real money that has better stats than any other item in the game? Yes, that's Pay2Win. A faster mount, a stronger weapon, or better armor. Without real money, there is no item to earn that matches the strength of the paid item.

For some, saving time is already Pay2Win. I see it differently. I have to play less to be as strong as a frequent player. But I will never be better, and mostly worse alone because of lack of practice. Even with the same equipment.

So Pay2Win is: Using real money to buy an advantage you can't get without real money.

Small exception

Exceptions confirm the rule. At least that's what they say. So my definition is not without exception. Of course, you can make the time savings so extreme that even a lot of game time is hardly enough. If I have to play several thousand hours for something that can be bought, then it is not playable.

A negative example here is Diablo Immortal. Without real money, the drop chances are so low that you will never get the items. In PvP, however, the equipment makes such a difference that you are at a clear disadvantage.

Star Wars: Battlefront II was also an example. Was because it has since been adapted. Initially, however, you needed over 40 hours to unlock a hero. Then this is not yet further improved. After an outcry, all heroes were unlocked and the cost of upgrading was lowered.

What about Albion Online now?

The premium package in Albion Online (advertising link) gives you more learning points, fame and more loot. So you can level faster and get more silver. But it doesn't make me better overall. This is because there is an upper limit. A weapon can only be brought to level 100. Then it stops and doesn't get any better.

The premium player is faster, but not uncatchable. And the silver? With Premium I have to do less PvE. But I am not invulnerable and have the same equipment to choose from as without Premium. And I don't become a better player with more silver. Plus, my equipment belongs to the winner when I die. What often happens.

Pay2Win? No. I can earn all this without premium. Except for the useless island.

Stay fluffy!

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