Marktplätze und die Strategie dahinter

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I don't understand why every online store is now being expanded into a marketplace. For me, the platforms are losing their own identity as a result.

By marketplaces, I don't mean the marketplaces in cities and towns where you can buy your fresh food directly from the producer. Or - like in my town - at expensive prices for wholesale goods.

I'm talking about the new trend of online stores to integrate other suppliers into their stores. Amazon has been doing this for many years, eBay too, and now everyone else is following suit.

Every major online store has now opened up to other suppliers. They can offer their goods there for a commission, the purchase is handled by the online store, and the external provider usually handles the shipping itself. For the platform, this increases the range of products that customers can access. For the providers, the range. One reason why Amazon is so successful is the breadth of its product range.

But there is already Amazon and eBay. REWE, Marktkauf, zalando, Otto and others are too late to seriously threaten the top dogs. But they are endangering themselves, at least in my opinion. I order from Otto via zalando, from Esprit at Kaufland and from zalando on eBay. At some point, it won't matter where I order - all suppliers are represented on all platforms. Why should I go to Kaufland when I can get the same offer everywhere else? What then distinguishes a store, what sets it apart from the competition?

The reach is increased in the short term and with little effort. But you lose your identity and your uniqueness. I no longer buy from zalando, I buy from Otto via zalando. Am I now a zalando or Otto customer? Who provides me with the shopping experience now? Who provides the service?

My opinion? Specialization on a clear assortment. The store stands for something, it monitors the quality of its products and knows them. In its field, it is attractively priced. Not the cheapest, but quality is gladly paid for. In addition service. Neat search specifically for the assortment, contact person before buying, moderated product reviews.

As a customer, I can then rely on the store. The products are tested, questions are answered and the information is genuine. In case of problems I get fast and uncomplicated help.

For everything else, I can just stay with Amazon....

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