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If you know me, or look closely at my streams, you'll see that I'm overweight. I would not say that I live extremely unhealthy, but a health freak I am not exactly. Out of a spontaneous idea, I have now resolved to live a little more consciously. Not only with regard to my body, but also with regard to the environment.

But I don't intend to make any radical changes. Rather small steps. I am sometimes surprised how some people in my environment mutate from an unhealthy lifestyle to a marathon runner from one day to the next. And in the process, unfortunately, gear their entire lives towards it. All hobbies until then are discarded, only sport, nutrition and performance.

This is not for me. I don't want to become a high-performance athlete. I want to become a bit slimmer and fitter. I also want to pay a little more attention to environmental sustainability.
But I still want to have fun in life, in the things I liked before.

What do I pay more attention to?

Food is a good example. I ate meat quite often. I love meat. But then you think about industrial animal husbandry and rearing. About the impact on the climate. Both things you shouldn't think about too often.
I could go vegetarian or even vegan now. But every now and then a steak, schnitzel or sausage is cool. But you can eat less of it. More vegetables and fruit, more fish. Or you can try vegetarian or vegan substitutes - which aren't. Pea-based vegan ground beef is nowhere near ground beef. It doesn't taste bad in a bolognese, though. It's something different, yes. But it tastes good, too.
Meat salad substitute from the brand with the grinder I still tried. Not vegan, egg based. Since the meat salad consists of a lot of mayonnaise the difference is not that big. Tastes amazing, too.

Still, I will continue to grill with meat or make a burger with ground beef. The latter possibly not always.
But then it is also important to pay attention to where the meat comes from and how the animals have lived.

This then also applies to the second example. Pay more attention to the products. Dairy products more from brands with good animal husbandry. Free-range eggs. More regional and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Whereas I love kiwis and bananas and still buy them.

And last - the packaging. The kiwis or bananas don't have to be in a plastic bag. The sandwich can also be in sandwich paper instead of plastic bags. I forget Tupper too often at work or in the car. Shop more consciously and planned and thus throw away less rotten food.

For health, add in sweets, soft drinks and snacks. Probably the main reason why I put on so much weight. Often Red Bull, iced tea and mezzo mix. Gummy bears are very tempting for me. Or the bratwurst at the kiosk? All not exactly controlled. Little by little, you get fat from it. So now I have breakfast from home. Plus a mug of tea and water with some strawberry or raspberry syrup.

What do I do anyway?

My biggest vice that I struggle with: smoking. Sometimes I smoke, then I don't for a while. I just like to smoke and probably will continue to do so. Depending on the day, sometimes it's just two cigarettes, sometimes up to ten. Sometimes more at parties. But I wouldn't advise anyone to start.

And did I mention sweets, soft drinks and snacks? Of course, I don't completely abstain. I'm just cutting back heavily. Instead of a pack of gummy bears a week, I only have them every few weeks. Iced tea is homemade and the syrup I mentioned earlier is better, but not perfect. And if I have to go on a shopping day with my girlfriend or go to a street fair, I'm sure I'll treat myself to a bratwurst.

So only half-hearted?

I don't agree with that. The small steps are important. Both for oneself and for the environment and animals. We don't have to do without completely. Conscious consumption would already bring a lot. If everyone reduces his meat consumption and waste by a small part and then still pays attention to the form of husbandry, then man and the environment would already be helped a lot.

But everyone should decide for himself. If one does not want that, also ok. This contribution is a food for thought and should not be instructive. I am by far not a saint and have no intention to become one. Maybe I will give up faster than I hope.

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