It get's on my nerves

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Before the lockdown, I was lucky that a shoe store (belonged to a chain) had the misfortune to have to close.

There were there in the sale good shoes at very good prices - partly over 50% reduced. Therefore, I had also bought several shoes, including winter shoes.

The price: just under 60 € instead of 120 €. Made of leather. So really good shoes at an otherwise very proud price. I would rate the as upper midfield. Very convenient is that they have a zipper on the side. Once ideally tied and good is.

I thought. But the laces. These look good and are certainly stable. But they go open all the time! Who develops such laces? Just when the shoe still has a zipper?

I had the shoes on every day in the winter and had to re-tie them at least once a day. I tied them with a double knot, but that didn't help.

We can fly into space. Cars drive almost autonomously. Smartphones have the power of full-fledged computers ten years ago. But shoelaces. Is that what humanity is failing at? If they were at least cheap. But they are made of high quality. It's just that no one seems to have checked whether they open by themselves....

Something like that just annoys me.

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