I need more ram

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The 16GB RAM in my current system is still enough for morst of the stuff I'm doing. But sometimes I feel, that I hit the limits of my memory and my system is then moving data to my SSD. This isn't a good situation.

My first idea: buy two 8GB bars of the same RAM I currently use. Checking the shops of the known IT supplier, I realized, that my RAM isn't available anymore. Kingston seem to stopped production of them.

That is unlucky. Initially I planned to add another 16GB for around 50€ to 80€. For a total of 32GB then. Now I would've to buy a whole kit of 32GB. But that would be more then 100€. For a faster memory as my current one is running with 2400MHz.

Is faster memory supported by my CPU? According to spezifications my Intel i7-8700k allows memory up to 2666MHz. Users in forums are reporting, that 3200MHz is no problem when the mainboard is loading the proper XMP profile. The mainboard? My mainboard was given to me by Mindfactory as a testing unit. What is this capable of? 2666MHz maximum memory frequency. Not really fast. Looking back, the MSI B360 Pro Carbon isn't that "Pro".

Now I'm a little lost. Buying 32GB slow memory doesn't feel great. A new mainboard for my old I7-8700k is wasted money too. The CPU is already 4,5 years in use.

So new mainboard, new CPU and new memory? Then step up to DDR5? That will cost around 400€ for the CPU, 300€ for mainboard and additional 300€ for memory. And most likely I need a new power supply for 150€. 1150€ is not the money I like to spend right now.

So I will stick with my current system and the 16GB memory for now. Sad.

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