Google is reliable, end of GSuite

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I can't remember how long I've been using GSuite. But in any case, it must be significantly more than 10 years. At that time, GSuite was still free for home users. So I redirected my domain to Google and have been using the GSuite account for everything ever since.

On Caschys Blog I discovered it first: The free GSuite is discontinued by Google. Either you switch to the paid Google Workspace, or you get kicked out.

Who reads along here longer, will know: I am not 100% satisfied with Google. On the one hand, data protection is always an issue with Google. Even if other rules apply to the GSuite. On the other hand, paying customers are disadvantaged at Google.

Google Stadia? Not available for paying customers. YouTube Premium Family? Not available. And so on. Many end-user products are restricted for paying Google customers.

On the other hand, the working Google products are not bad. GMail is still the best mail provider for me. I don't need to mention YouTube, search either. That made sure that I used the available services for years.

My YouTube channel with proper URL (hard to get today) is on the account, years of Play Store purchases, use of Google for login on other site and so on. A lot has grown over the years. This is also the reason why I have not left until today, despite some dissatisfaction.

But now I am supposed to pay in the future. At least almost 5€ per user and month. If I calculate that, then I have quickly exceeded the value of my purchases. Especially since I'm not the only user and for the 5€ there is also little return - even the cloud storage is limited to 15Gb.

What am I going to do now? I'm not sure yet. But I have learned one thing: don't tie yourself to one provider with everything. I'll probably move email and contacts back to my own server. Cloud storage I don't use much. Pictures go via Syncthing directly to the NAS and if I want to share something, then my free Dropbox account is enough for me.

And for the previous Google services? I use my old GMail account for that. Sure, things get lost here, but I can also do much more and am more independent.

Maybe I'll rethink my entire digital strategy in the process. Mastodon and Matrix are still interesting. But I will probably not get rid of Discord.

Do you still have the free GSuite? If so, how do you handle it now?

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