Fasten, not crashing

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I got into my car earlier and I noticed how naturally and automatically I take my hand to the seat belt and buckle up when I get in. I have internalized buckling up so much that I always do it without thinking.

Nevertheless, I often see people in my circle of friends and acquaintances who do not wear seat belts in the car. Why is that, although the seat belt can save lives?

Briefly I had considered whether I understand it with the older generation. In the past there were no seat belts or they were not really helpful. On the contrary - the first versions were even dangerous. But to be honest, mandatory seat belts have been around for so long now, everyone should be used to them.

I've also never met anyone who questioned the usefulness of seat belts or addressed their risk. It is true that in very rare and specific situations, seat belts are responsible for worse injuries. But on balance, the benefit is greater than the risk.

So that leaves convenience. Parcel drivers or other delivery people often have to get out of the car - and they usually don't travel fast to do so. I can understand that. Cab drivers argue with the possibility of escape in case of a robbery. But a normal person, even if he drives only a short distance? That is simply laziness, nothing else.

Now I would like to argue with the role model function. But then bungie jumpers, base jumpers and other extreme athletes come to my mind.

Do you put on your seat belts? If not, why not?

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