eXeler0n starts again

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eXeler0n starts his blog - again. Roughly estimated the sixt try. Will it work this time?

New server, new system, new blog, new try. My thoughs in a mixed stream, thrown in this blog.

I can't say excatly, how many times I tried to run a private blog besides my year-long running EVE Online blog quafe.de. Five times I tried it at least. And all five tries failed... So I failed. Blogs without a constant stream of posts make no sense. The way of the blogs? Set-up, write a "Hello World" post, disapear. One time I was really motivated. Too motivated. I liked to publish journalistic researched posts in high quality. I liked...

Hopefully this time there won't be any interferance of my life. My life in the form of work, girlfriend, other hobbies, or just my demotivation.

Stay fluffy on your rainbow!

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