End for the mouse

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Gamers are a funny people. They get their hardware sold for a lot of money just because it has the word gaming in its name. In addition, the trends change quickly. For years, mice were sold with more and more buttons and great additional features. My current Logitech G520* (the G stands for gaming!) is no exception. Six extra buttons and variable weights. Awesome, right?

Since I got the Stream Deck*, I've used the extra keys less and less. The two side keys for forward and back, sure. Those are in permanent use. The two keys next to the left mouse button? Actually not at all anymore, they are also not easy to reach for my small hands. I can only reach the sniper key at the front with the best will in the world. And the button behind the scroll wheel?! Who can seriously use that?

But it has variable weights! Five 3.6 gram weights can be inserted as desired, so a maximum of 18 grams in addition. I had two inserted, so 7.2 grams of additional weight. Because. 18 grams seemed too heavy to me after the purchase, a weight was asymmetrical and no weight would be a wasted function...

While surfing on Amazon, I then noticed a new generation of gaming mice. Five buttons, extremely light. Partly with holes in the surface to save even more weight. I don't know if that works. With the holes, the upper shell, i.e. the struts, have to become thicker for stability.

Nevertheless, the mice are so on 60-70 grams. That piqued my interest and I went right ahead and took out the two weights. In fact, I found it more comfortable. Nevertheless, the Logitech G520* weighs 121 grams according to the specifications. Twice as much as the lightweights.

Corona and boredom then kept me on Amazon. After some searching, I came across the Razer Viper Mini. 61 grams light. Since I already have a Razer keyboard I get along with only one software - the one from Logitech could go away. In addition, as the name suggests, intended for small hands.
Ordered directly.

What can I say. It is small. Almost a centimeter shorter than my G502. I've had Logitech mice for 15 years now, and they're all virtually identical in size. The Razer Viper Mini* is too mini for me after all. It is also less intended for small hands. It's more for players with the claw grip - the hand doesn't rest properly on the mouse here, the fingers are angled.

After an hour, I felt like I was getting tendonitis. I then tested it for another three hours - maybe I just need to get used to it. No improvement.
So packed up again and headed back. Too bad. The processing was good, the weight was also super. Back to the Logitech seemed clunky.

What do we learn from this? You should rather test input devices in real life, if you don't plan to order 10 of them. I did that for a short time last Saturday at Media Markt. Corsair, Asus and Roccat don't fit my attitude at all. Razer still has the Basilisk* - that fit. But it also weighs 92 grams - 30% less. But spend 65 € for it?

I also have another problem: skin separation. My Logitech G502 has ribbed sides. Sure it's grippy, but that's where the mud collects and has to be scraped out with a toothpick. The Basilisk's sides don't look any better.

Lucky you, Logitech G502. You can die of old age with me when the time comes. Until then, I'll keep hugging you tightly.

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