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In the last post I talked about DLCs, microtransactions and Season Passes. Fittingly, the current Season 8 of Destiny 2 is nearing the end, more precisely on Tuesday, December 10, 2019. Since I find Destiny 2 super, I had bought the Season Pass, which includes only cosmetic or otherwise obtainable items.

I have now come to level 72 of 100, so do not take everything. However, this is not necessarily due to Destiny 2, but much to me.

Since Destiny 2 is on Steam, there is the Season Pass. That was October 01. So I had 71 days to complete the Season Pass. In my case, you can say that on average I did one level every day.

At the same time, I played 110 hours of Destiny in those 71 days, according to Steam. So the game was open for 110 hours. So per hour of play, I made 0.65 levels. Since I won't be playing until the end of the season, I won't be able to advance here either.

So is it impossible for players like me who only play two or three times a week to unlock all of the Season Pass content? Did Bungie set too high hurdles here?

Not in my opinion. You don't get anything thrown at you, but it's not impossible either. It took me a few nights of play before I realized I was playing inefficiently. I forgot that various NPCs offer daily tasks that give additional experience. I don't have to adjust my play style for this, I just have to accept the tasks. After doing this consistently, I had a level up about every hour. So it was due to my lack of understanding or knowledge. My play time would have otherwise been easily enough for the 100 levels.

Bungie now gives me the opportunity to buy the missing levels. Here I am a bit skeptical. Each level should cost 100 silver (ingame real money currency). 100 silver equals one euro. So I would have to spend 28 Euros for the rest. That's not worth the cosmetics to me.

Stay fluffy!

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