Destiny 2 - is it over?

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I already mentioned in my last blog post about Destiny 2 that the season model doesn't really suit me. Who came up with the glorious idea that you lock content after a season and make it unavailable?

If you have time, then that might be great. But it forces me to ignore the content or try to play it completely for a whole season - which I never manage to do.

For the Season Content you have to play special activities over and over again. With my available time, I would have to spend my entire game time to farm the loot with good traits. If there is enough time at all.

If I don't do that, or don't manage to do that, then the activities are no longer playable and the loot is no longer dropped. So Bungie takes away any opportunity for me to play the content. And that annoys me, as I've already written.

But that also leads to me losing the connection in the group, because I don't feel like power farming. The situation is then simply depressing. I simply lose the desire to play. The game doesn't motivate me to play, it tries to force me to. It tells me how to play.

And I don't like to be patronized. A game should entertain me, it should let me experience the content the way I want to. Because I'm lacking fun because of that, I've currently put Destiny 2 on the back burner.

Stay fluffy!

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