Data protection with me?

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Mr. Hugo has stated quite aptly in a comment that I am actually not the target group for data protection. Basic information about me including my place of residence can be found in the imprint and both this blog, my Twitter activity and my Twitch channel reveal a lot about me.

That's why I asked myself the question if I should even put up with the effort for data protection.

The only answer to that is the usual businessman's answer: it depends.

I don't really need to protect my data anymore, as you can see in the introduction. I also have few things that I really wanted to hide. And from what I publish, if you want, you can create a fairly accurate profile of me.

It gets more difficult when there are other parties involved. Your data is one thing here, which I protect as best as possible and collect as little as possible. With comments I need legally some data, but also here only the most necessary is stored.

It gets harder when you look at the other services. With the social networks, you're either logged in or you're not. If not, they don't get any data, at least not from me.

WhatApp is different: WhatsApp needs my address book so that I can see who else uses WhatsApp. Unfortunately, I can't think of a workaround here. I have the same thing with the Google address book. I am someone who likes to have complete contacts. So name, numbers, address, birthday, etc. Of course Google gets all that and it's not my data.

WhatsApp is just stupid, I only see that someone does not use WhatsApp when I have already transferred his data. With Google, the only thing that really helps is trust. I have no idea how to deal with it.

For everything else, i.e. for my data, I'll probably go back to the comfortable way. Windows works much better for gaming. Then just disable data transfer as much as possible and that's it. I'm just too lazy and too comfortable for data protection. And also too open in my communication.

How do you handle data protection? Especially when it comes to the data of others?

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