Data privacy is a problem of society

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After I switched my PC to Linux and wrote here about the alternatives for communication, I started to think about data protection.

Why do we have to protect our data? Because our society makes this necessary!

Why do I want to protect my data? Who do I want to protect it from? From Google? From Facebook? Not really.

I want to protect my data so that no one finds out anything about me. Find out what sites I surf, who I write to about what, what I do on my digital device.

I'm afraid that someone might harm me with that information. So I'm afraid of my nature and behavior becoming a detriment to me. But actually, the information is not the problem.

The problem is our society. A model citizen could publish everything about himself. He would have no disadvantage. I, on the other hand, am afraid that society will be bothered by my hobbie. That the people around me find my views wrong. That I will be excluded and disadvantaged.

So if our society would be really tolerant and open, then data protection would be unnecessary. Then everyone can know with whom I talk about what or what I do.

But that will remain a utopia in my lifetime.

Stay fluffy!

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