DashRadio discovered

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I have a somewhat ambivalent relationship with Discord. It's actually a great program, but the voice quality is often just bad and I don't trust the business model.

Nevertheless, it was only through the Snowsgiving newsletter that I came across a website/service that I like so much that I want to recommend it.

The title already says it: it's about DashRadio.

Even though it is called radio, it is not a classic radio. Much more it is music channels according to different genres. Like Spotify playlists, but without the possibility to skip songs. So it is radio after all.

The selection of music channels is very extensive. There are several sub-channels per genre, as well as mixed channels and seasonal channels - currently for Christmas.

In addition, it is completely free of advertising. Actually, it is probably only intended for the USA, but can also be received in Germany without any problems. Almost. Sonos does not work.

Listen with pleasure times purely :-)

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