Black Friday? Not much for me.

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Black Friday, another tradition from the United States of America, which has made it to Germany. In my opinion, however, not exactly the best. Black Friday has history in the US, but in Germany it seems out of place in my opinion. You can also see that in the "offers".

After there have been very good offers on Black Friday every now and then in recent years, this year I went virtually empty. Sure, I'm writing this text with my new keyboard, which I bought with an acceptable discount. However, it was by no means a low price or extreme bargain. I bought a product that I wanted anyway, for a lower price.

That's pretty much how it went through the entire Black Friday. I had made myself a shopping list and set prices that the products were worth to me. And besides the keyboard, Razor Ornata Chroma Mecha membrane, only one product on my wish list made it below the target price, an electronics starter kit for the RaspberryPi. Some stuff was then ordered in addition anyway. Either I did not have it for online on the screen (Emsa thermo mug), or it is simply a small gimmick (LCD writing board, inflatable sofa). And a back posture fix....

When I look around, however, it seems that very few Germans look more closely at the prices, but more at the percentages. This is where price comparison portals come in handy. This is not only true on Black Friday. Often the offers are not so great.

And what about you? Found something? Stay fluffy!

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